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Specialize in Offset Printed Paper Box

Offset Printed Paper Boxes

We know, each customer has their own requirements, thus you can have custom printed paper box with the custom size, color, style, paperboard, and finish.

With your artwork and sample, we can make you a box of exactly the same or even better quality. And most importantly, you will offer at the very competitive price.

In Malaysia, we SKS Print Sdn Bhd specialize in offset printed paper boxes.

Sales Contact:

+603 5166 2052

Why choose us?

We have the people, we have
the knowledge and we have the production power. 

Give us an opportunity to serve you.

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Our Philosophy

A printing company can be much more than a printer. Printing services used strategically and backed by a team of people with industry expertise can serve as a business solution to enhance projects that reach far beyond traditional printing companies.

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